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If you’re reading this, you probably value personal development. You want to excel as an entrepreneur and in life in general. Well, we’ve got good news for you. In this blog we’ll be covering one key resource for personal development and entrepreneurship; One that is relatively recent and of super fast growing rate, the Podcasting world.

Phone, media player, and earphones. The new school for personal development through podcasts.

A free and convenient tool

It’s probable that you have heard the term before. In case you don’t, a podcast “is an episodic series of digital audio or video files that a user can download to listen to.”(1) Podcasts often use a subscription model, where subscribers get notified when new uploads are made. Users can listen on their local computer, mobile application, or portable media player.

With the size the industry has gained, there are innumerable podcasts for every theme and topic you can imagine. Business is an important one for example. I believe the rise of the platform is due to its free character and convenience. Think about it, people can learn from anywhere in the world from experts in their areas of interest at no charge and from their phones.

The magic about it

The great thing about podcasts is that they can be listened to almost at any moment of your day. You can go through them while performing another activity that doesn’t require 100% of your attention. For example, you can listen when you’re cooking, getting ready for work or driving, as I usually do.

Taking advantage of driving dead time has become a game-changer in my life. It has allowed me to learn the skills and mentality necessary for success, taught by the best in the world. By doing it, I have been able to learn more about business, entrepreneurship and personal development in a month than all I had in my life before.

I would strongly encourage you to implement this habit. For it, you don’t have to take any money from your pockets or time from your schedule. I assure you, it will bring enormous value to your life. Hitting some music or listening to the radio, even though sometimes entertaining, doesn’t really add anything valuable to us.

Not everything is pure gold

There are tons of shows and content to listen out there in the podcast industry; And even though that’s an advantage, it doesn’t mean that all of it deserves your time. Thanks to the growth this channel of communication has had, many people have dabbled in it, but not always offering the best advice or quality content.

What to listen

I have listened carefully to many of the podcasts in the business category and have found tremendous value in some of them and not so much in others. So if it helps, I would like to share with you the top two shows I have come up to.

I can assure you that these two entrepreneurs that host the shows, are part of the TOP performers out there in the industry. Both can teach from experience since they’ve built real companies. They do podcasting to help people out in their business and life journey, not even for the money because they don’t do ads or monetize the podcast in any way; Something that’s very common on this platform.

Top recommended business podcasts


Becoming the MFCEO of You

The MFCEO Project by Andy Frisella. The #1 business and personal development podcast.

THE MFCEO PROJECT is hosted by Andy Frisella, a successful author, speaker, and entrepreneur. But most of all, as he likes to describe himself, he is a regular dude. Since young, Andy dreamed about being successful and that drove him to put massive action into building his companies from scratch, which today are multi-millionaire brands. His podcast has over 300 episodes that, as he says, cover all the topics you need to succeed in life and in business.

His episodes are truly intense and authentic talks. Sometimes he himself delivers great content and other times he keeps awesome conversations with his co-host and with the amazing guests he brings to the show. If you’re not easily offended by his raw honesty and language and are able to grasp his message, you’ll find out that he’s an excellent dude. Really what he is trying to do is help others reach their true potential and be a force for good in society. Personally, it’s the best thing I’ve come up to in the last five years and by far my favorite podcast. You should definitely check him out. Listen to in Spotify, iTunes.

Connect with Andy Frisella:

Maxing out your life

The Ed Mylett Show. Business and personal development podcast hosted by successful coach and entrepreneur. Title on beach background.

Ed Mylett’s podcats is also a must when speaking of personal development. He is a high performing coach and entrepreneur that has achieved huge success in his career. In his episodes, he covers a lot of topics that are useful for anyone, not only for entrepreneurs. He will attempt to take the very best out of you in every area of your life: health, finances, relationships, character, skills, etc. In short, as the slogan of the show says, it will help you Max Out your life. Ed’s speaking is truly powerful and you will definitely engage in the lessons he teaches and the impactful conversations he holds with the huge guests he brings. Listen to in Spotify, iTunes.

Connect with Ed Mylett:

Where to listen

Both shows are available in all the main podcast platforms. You can start your foray into the podcasting world by listening to one of them, or you can explore the different options in the categories you are interested in. Read the descriptions and listen to a couple of episodes to find which one you get the most value from. If you’re new to podcasting there are many platforms for you to listen. The main are Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcast

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