Our Story

Personal devolpment has added huge value to the lives of our team and put us in our path to success. Through our learning journey we have stumbled with amazing people and institutions willing to teach what they do best and also with many false prophets that lie of having accomplished something in their lives and fool other people with what they teach an sell.

We have become pretty meticulous and have learned how to filter all the information available, and thought we had an obligation to share with others the great lessons and resources we find along the way. That's where Entreprenurial Wave came to our minds, a rising blog on business, entrepreneurship and personal development that will help all seekers of excelence along their journey.

Our Approach

Education is a big thing throughout the life of every human being. At Entrepreneurial Wave we believe that the day we stop learning is the day we die, and that's the premise that moves our passion for personal growth.

We believe that in order to be excellent professionals, family members and citizens we have to permanently back up hard work with constant learning. That's where our mission comes to play; to bring you the best resources available on entrepreneurship, business and personal development, so that you can dominate every area of your life and positively impact those around you.

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Succesful people are voracious reading. We have selected the most recommended books for entrepreneurs to get you started. Go check them out...